Why is event design important?

The design must ensure that all the different elements of the event are perfectly combined and convey coherence. And it is essential that companies have a good design when creating an event, as it will reflect their identity and transmit the value of the brand to all attendees. An event designer must have the creativity necessary to imagine the best way to convey what the client wants with their event, whether it's a brand or a theme. In other words, the event designer makes a vision a reality.

Why is it important? Experiences are key for businesses to thrive today, and expectations are high in personal celebrations; the design of space for social gatherings is a very important factor in creating the right environment to attract attendees, which is the ultimate goal of any event. The events-as-a-service approach is linked to event design, as both focus primarily on providing consistency. In addition, the importance of the consistency achieved by designing events in terms of prioritization is often minimized. Whatever you call it, Martijn Timmermans wants you to know that it's the most important skill needed in today's event industry.

The second, Úll, is the seventh edition of a conference that I started organizing because I fell in love with the idea of organizing a boutique conference for people who like Apple's independent scene (Úll means “Apple” in Irish). Whether you're organizing a personal or professional event, planning an event involves a lot of moving parts. It's recognized that event design is an important part of event planning, but it's often not given the credit it deserves. The design of the event plays a much bigger role in the overall success of the event than it seems at first glance.

Events like C2 Montreal, SXSW and TED succeed with event design because they help attendees “think innovatively and boost their industries”. From creating custom zoom backgrounds to designing apps, event design had to shift to a digital space and take advantage of event technology. Depending on your objectives and the services offered by your provider, the event design element of the EaaS approach creates a consistent omnichannel experience for different types of audiences. Kingham Creative Events transforms the experiences of Fortune 500 companies and large nonprofit organizations, with dramatic results right from the start.

From sending invitations and visiting the venue to designing the decor by hand and much more, the stylists at your events get to work to make their vision a reality. If you like to surprise and delight, I hope to see you in Úll, and if you are interested in organizing events, don't forget to come to Admission. While live events are officially returning, new virtual playgrounds that were discovered through virtual and hybrid events are setting the tone for the new normal. This is a tactical approach to better engage the audience before, during and after the event, as well as to position sponsorship material.

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