What is typically the most expensive part of event audio visual?

Video is by far the most expensive area when it comes to the audiovisual costs of events. You may have noticed that different audiovisual companies offer contradictory price quotes. The brand and type of audio-visual equipment may be the same, but the cost can vary considerably. This is often due to the age of the audio-visual equipment.

Newer equipment is usually more expensive to rent, while older equipment can be more cost-effective. Keeping this in mind can help you weigh your audio-visual equipment options more precisely. Sometimes, the event is organized without a budget, or the planning has been carried out so quickly that the budget has not been taken into account. Whichever side you're on, it's best to set a budget as soon as you know the need for an event is known.

This way, everyone will be aware of what the expected costs are. And while this doesn't make much sense if the configurations are completely different, there's a way to take advantage of other events when it comes to venue space. It's not uncommon for another team of event organizers to start preparing everything while another event is taking place.

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