What is venue wifi?

The Venue Wi-Fi solution provides unbreakable high-performance Internet throughout the venue. In addition to providing seamless connectivity, start customizing the guest experience and offers to achieve greater engagement, higher engagement rates, higher conversions, and more. Considering all of the above, demand is high today, so it's essential that you ask the right questions when researching what venue to use for your event. Many corporate companies won't want their delegates to connect to a public or hotel network.

Most venues will only offer a flat network, so whether you're an attendant or a hotel guest, you could connect to the same network and receive the same quality of service. Most companies, such as banks, law firms, and financial services, will, with good reason, want a private, secure network that their delegates can connect to to ensure that there is absolutely no risk of devices being hacked while connected to the conference network. Network security is the highest priority. Be sure to ask headquarters these questions to verify that they have processes in place to protect their delegates' devices.

Noba offers a wide range of temporary and permanent connectivity solutions for the events industry. For the past decade, we have been aware of the latest advances in event technology and can advise on the ideal solutions for all types of events, large and small. For more information, please contact us. Get in touch with our team to discuss connectivity or technical support for your next event.

Events and large venues take into account numerous considerations when designing a network without bottlenecks, especially when it comes to a temporary installation. As fan demand for Wi-Fi services grows at live sporting events, venues that don't offer them could end up losing out, Brams says.

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