What is the difference between event planning and event styling?

While an event planner is primarily concerned with the operational aspects of your event, an event stylist is responsible for making your vision a reality. Event stylists create visual displays, often using their own prop pieces, and refine aesthetic details to create the look that's right for you and your guests. Large meetings and parties sometimes require professionals to turn them into stellar events. Event planners and stylists can help you organize your event according to your specifications.

These two types of professionals, although they seem similar, perform two different tasks related to the organization of a big event. Event planners focus primarily on logistics, while event stylists deal with aesthetics. Event decorators, often called event designers, focus on the aesthetic aspect of the venue. Event designers are the creative professionals who design event spaces with the right organization and decor.

They are able to visually transform a space, bringing together the right elements to make the customer's unique vision a reality. Once a planner has determined the vision for your wedding day, the manager or managers help make it a reality. When planning an event in another country, these considerations are intensified due to the inability to visit vendors in person, test services or products before the event, and choose the venue. If you choose to hire an event planner, they may also offer one-day coordination services as part of their overall package.

Try to think of the event decoration company as a group that is creating a personal brand or telling a visual story at the event. This means that all vendors and other professionals, including event stylists, are under the supervision and direction of the event organizer. Each of these professionals plays an important role in the event planning process, and by working together, they can create unforgettable events and experiences. While they can be creative, most of the roles of event managers require them to be in charge of vendor management.

An event stylist focuses more on the smaller details of an event, such as table settings, floral arrangements and accessories, and seeks to create a complete aesthetic that combines everything. The Cabo Linens Things and More staff will discuss the design strategy with the client at every stage of the process, offering sketches, floor plans and even 3D designs so that customers have control of the planning from anywhere in the world. Event decoration companies focus specifically on the visual presentation of the event and the story it tells. They will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines each step of the process, from the initial consultation to the day of the event.

While the event organizer may have the last word or give instructions, the event stylist is the person who works specifically on the arrangements, decoration and overall aesthetics of the event, according to Martha Stewart Wedding. Take pictures of your work and your design skills to create your own event styling portfolio; an image is worth more than 1000 words in this sector. A highly qualified professional may occupy both the role of event designer and event planner. The function of the event manager is to meet the needs of all decision makers and to help ensure that the day goes smoothly.

An event organizer will have years of experience and an extensive network of trusted suppliers who can recommend to you based on your specific needs and budget...

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