What does event styling mean?

Event style refers to all visual aspects of an event, including elements such as lighting, flowers, and tablecloths. As you can probably guess, an event stylist is in charge of bringing these features to life. Event stylists work based on specific aesthetic requests. While the event organizer may have the last word or give instructions, the event stylist is the person who works specifically on the arrangements, decoration and overall aesthetics of the event, according to Martha Stewart Wedding.

For example, a wedding event stylist works on flower arrangements, clothing, and table decor to create a theme, all of which is ultimately approved by the organizer. It's the (art?) skill that relates to decorating an event. An event stylist is a person in charge of the visual identity of an occasion. A wedding event stylist is much more like your wedding makeup.

Colors, fabrics, flowers, atmosphere, decoration or common thread. Simply everything that makes you and your guests feel amazed and taken to another world. Often it is the wedding planner who uses a designer or stylist to take care of an event that requires very special attention in these areas. Most event designers won't accept a wedding if they don't have a full-service wedding planner hired.

Smaller events, such as taking engagement photos, can benefit from the aesthetic work of an event stylist if the final product needs a certain look or feel. Large events often require the assistance of an event planner because of the enormous amount of work and labor required to organize everything on time. This involves communicating with all the other professionals working at the event and creating a schedule. Most of the time, the design and style of the event are used interchangeably, but some would say there's a difference.

Event planners are also often responsible for finding a venue, organizing transportation, and organizing guest accommodation. Take pictures of your work and your design skills to create your own event design portfolio; an image is worth more than 1000 words in this industry. With passionate creativity, artistic aesthetics and a unique appreciation for fine art, I approach each wedding concept with the aim of reflecting them as a couple and summarizing their distinctive style and character. These two types of professionals, although they seem similar, perform two different tasks when it comes to organizing a big event.

Those who disagree insist that event design has more to do with the “functionality” of the space. For Google, the WRG agency created event furniture that could be easily installed almost anywhere. In short, small events that require precise details but little planning demonstrate the practical benefit of event stylists.

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