Does the event venue have any restrictions on smoking?

The Factory is a smoke-free property. Smoking or vaping is not allowed inside the venue. Smoking is only allowed on the two smoking terraces on the second floor for our customers over 21 years old. The Toyota parking lots at the Ball Arena open three hours before the event and parking staff are on duty one hour after the event.

If serving or selling alcoholic beverages, the Renter is responsible and must comply with all city, county, and state alcoholic beverage control laws and regulations, and have the appropriate licenses, permits, and insurance certificates, copies of which must be provided if requested from the Purdue Fort Wayne Events Office at least five (five) business days before the event. This A-Z guide provides general information, venue policies, and answers to frequently asked questions for guests attending events at Ball Arena. In most events, Ball Arena doors usually open an hour before the event and close at the end of the event. As indicated in annexes A and B below, the remaining amount of venue and equipment rental must be paid at least 3 days before the event.

In the event of an emergency at the Ball Arena, follow the instructions of public broadcasters, signs found throughout the venue, emergency personnel, and venue personnel. The renter must also complete the Purdue Fort Wayne Alcoholic Beverage Service (AB) form and send it to the Purdue Fort Wayne events office at least four (weeks) before the event. Most countries in Europe and North America have strict rules and regulations regarding smoking in public places, and venue owners and event organizers must ensure that they comply with them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the venue staff and they will connect you to the appropriate venue representative.

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