Are there any additional fees associated with using wi-fi access at the event venue?

All Internet prices are fixed rates; there are no per-minute usage or connection charges from service providers. The fee provides customers with connectivity throughout the event. For each of the venues linked below, we provide valuable information, such as whether WiFi access is available, how much WiFi Internet costs per day, and how to provide low-cost WiFi on-site with Internet service for trade shows. Here's what the SDCC has to offer for your next big event and how to rent an affordable WiFi hotspot for this venue.

In addition, being able to track devices throughout the event space, especially when attendees log into a WiFi network through social media, can benefit the event's security team. Find out if WiFi is available at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and how to take advantage of the best WiFi solutions for events offered at this venue. On this page you will find information about the Internet packages available at the Ernest Morial Convention Center and where you can find the best internet rental service for events at this location.

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