What are two most important principles of planning an event?

Matthew Robinette, CDME, CMP Detailed Planning: Planning is critical to event management and production. Know your audience: Although these principles apply to all types of events: concerts, meetings, conventions, etc. Know that something is going to go wrong: excellent work planning every detail of your event. When planning events, your budget is the bread and butter of the entire operation, and for good reason.

Therefore, it is essential to set a realistic budget from the start and stick to it, as if success depends on it. And spoiler alert: there's no doubt that it is. It's easy to forget that event planners and project managers are pretty much the same thing. They deal with two different types of projects, but they follow the same mantra when it comes to their completion.

One of the most important principles of project management for event planners for both is knowing how to identify the objectives of their events. This section will describe useful strategies that can be used when planning an event and the objectives to ensure that the event is a success, based on best practices. The group developed United's crisis contingency plan book, which specifies what the airline's crisis management team should do in the event of a crisis. It is recommended that the planning team set aside time to meet and discuss the detailed flow of the day of the event, to ensure that all team members are clear about their responsibilities and time requirements.

Whether you're hosting a small party or an international conference, planning your event with precision is crucial to making the experience impressive. It can often be helpful to think about what has worked in previous events and to incorporate these experiences into the planning process. These key learnings will provide information that can be shared with the event planning team and will improve the planning and execution of future iterations of an event. After reviewing a series of studies focusing on the degree to which planning and other management activities are an inherent part of management, management teachers J.

If you plan your event before or during the Christmas season, many guests may not attend and opt for other plans. A detailed analysis of the event will help identify any potential challenges or factors that were not taken into account in the planning phase, and will allow contingency plans to be drawn up around the potential challenges. There is always a limited period for planning and carrying out marketing activities and the possibility of organizing and promoting an event. Planning corporate events can be energy intensive, so not only do you have to be efficient, you also have to be consistent.

Like building construction or road planning, project management complements event planning in every possible way. If you are thinking of hiring a VIP person from outside the university to preside over or organize an event, the Community Relations and Events team is available to serve as an initial intermediary through which you can make external suggestions and establish contacts with the right people. The objectives will ensure that the objectives of the event are clearly communicated to the immediate planning team and the general public in pre- and post-event messages. Planners think both retrospectively (about past events) and prospectively (about future opportunities and imminent threats).

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