Does the event venue have a stage or podium available?

An auditorium-type seating arrangement involves integrated seats or rows of chairs that face a single point of focus, which is usually a professional stage or a podium. Take advantage of the stage space and create a background that is attractive for photographs, such as textured fabrics or logo prints. Audiovisual equipment is electronic multimedia devices and equipment that include an audio (sound) and a visual (visual) component. Audiovisual elements are vital for events that include presentations, speakers, music, and more; most events will require basic audio-visual equipment.

What is considered “audio-visual equipment” will vary from place to place, so it's important to consider the equipment and exclusive audiovisual services your event may need, in addition to a standard set of audio-visual equipment. For example, a corporate conference for which the company plans to project a lamp with a custom logo in the event room may require a certain type of lighting or special lighting equipment. An award ceremony involving two presenters on opposite sides of the stage will require two podiums, two microphones, etc. Choose the type of seating arrangement based on the activities you have planned for the event, their duration, and the specific needs that attendees may have.

MPI is one of the world's largest meetings and events industry associations, offering education, experiences and relationships to help members organize their best meetings and events. This term refers to support and service areas not normally seen by guests, offered by the hotel, venue, or event facility. This term refers to a facility, a set of rooms, or an area of a hotel or event venue that is used for the sole purpose of holding effective business meetings and presentations. A report that details the history of the event once held, including the number of attendees, the number of people who did not show up, the total cost per person, the benefits, etc.

Acronym for “Food & Beverage”, which refers to the catering service offered by a venue during an event. If you want to provide your delegates with information during the conference, offer them a conference package, which could include a calendar or program of events, a map of the venue, and information about the venue facilities. A detailed event itinerary can be created for attendees or briefings for teams to describe the development of the event. The organization advocates for the role and impact that event services professionals have in the success of events and destinations, hotels and convention centers.

An event management plan used to ensure that an event runs smoothly, which details the tasks to be performed and who is responsible for them, and within what time frame they must be completed. A good starting point when planning the audiovisual of an event is to ask the establishment for a list of audiovisual equipment. A tool that allows meeting and event planners to convert non-metric units to metric units, so that they can easily determine the size of the room they will need for their event. NACE is a national nonprofit organization for catering companies, event planners, and event professionals that provides education, certification, and a network of resources to members from all segments of the hospitality industry.

Depending on the type of event you organize and what your specific agenda entails, there are different types of event stage configurations that you can experiment with. As a versatile event space, the Earle Brown Heritage Center has all the audio-visual equipment and capabilities you'll need to successfully host a business meeting or conference, trade show, team building workshop, business retreats, and other corporate events.

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